For people to:  1. Find Christ

2. Find a community in which to grow

Nick Vujicic, born without limbs, is an internationally respected communicator whose life story has already inspired and changed the lives of millions of people. Nick Vujicic’s journey began with a radical encounter with Jesus Christ and unfolded into a life now lived for an eternal purpose.


BIG JESUS TENT is a multi-day FREE COMMUNITY EVENT in a 6,000 seat Big Top Tent, with Nick Vujicic. This event is designed to mobilize the local faith community to present the story, hope and love of Jesus Christ to their region. 


BIG JESUS TENT begins with multi-days of Community Prayer followed by multi-nights of Community Gatherings where the story, hope and love of Jesus Christ is clearly and uniquely presented by Nick Vujicic and the Big Jesus Tent team.  


Churches & Community Non-Profits are encouraged to get involved by sponsoring nights to volunteer and to invite your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to attend with you.

The BIG JESUS TENT is in the process of planning next events.